IT is about making your customers and employees happy by decreasing complexity and providing them with the right functionalities and features. This is why I founded LUCIT in February 2018.

Make your IT organization flexible now!  Do you have an organization which doesn’t need a full time IT or program/project manager? I can help you with the following activities on a full-time or part-time basis.

IT management – I will manage your full IT organization in collaboration with your management team and business organization.  Determine your IT strategy and manage budgets, contracts, personnel and your IT suppliers.

Program management –  I will manage all inter-dependencies between the several IT projects you have  running.

Project management – Your IT project will be delivered as you expected, on time and within budget.

IT audit – In 3 days I will make your full IT organization transparent for you.

IT advise – At your request I will give you advise about specific IT topics.


Are you looking for an experienced IT or program/project manager with broad strategic expertise, vision and communication skills at all levels?  In my career I have guided IT professionals specialized in infrastructure, architecture, service desk, application management and (web) development. I will always act in function of the company’s strategy and will translate the strategy perfectly to the tactical and operational level. As a cost conscious manager I always keep the overview, bring structure in your organization, never lose sight of your goal.  As a diplomatic people manager the soft values ​​within each change process are kept into account. As a transition specialist every complex project is a challenge. I will always take this challenge, act proactively and achieve a successful result.

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Walter De Roeck

Address                       Hertog van Brabantlei 22  –  2660 Hoboken

Mobile phone            0496/964.533

e-mail                            walter.deroeck@lucit.be